Find a Rodent Control Company in Tacoma or Lakewood, WA

Find a Rodent Control Company in Tacoma or Lakewood, WA

Day & Knight Pest Control is one of your best bets

A rat only needs about a half-inch of space to get into your home. A mouse only needs a quarter of an inch. If you've spotted signs of a mouse or rat infestation at your home, the professionals at Day & Knight Pest Control can help. We specialize in rodent control in Tacoma, WA.

We have the skill to identify where rodents are entering your home and seal up those spots for good. That includes holes in your crawl space, roof, vents and attic. We can even trim tree branches that may be acting as bridges for mice to enter through your roof.

All of our rodent removal products are natural and organic. We'll apply repellents and sprays around your foundation and the perimeter of your yard. We'll even set glue traps, if necessary.

Get in touch with us for rodent control so you can enjoy a rodent-free home in no time.

3 signs there are rats or mice in your home

You don't have to actually see a rat or mouse to know they've made your home their own. Look out for these signs:

  1. You've found droppings in your cabinets or pantry.
  2. There are scratching or scurrying sounds coming from your attic or walls.
  3. There are gnaw marks on your floor, ceiling rafters or electrical wires.

We don't use snap traps to avoid injuring pets and children. We'll leave you with an odor digestor that you can spray behind any new rodent to cut off the scent trail. Call us right away to learn about a rodent removal maintenance plan for your Tacoma, WA home.